Thursday, January 9, 2014

I’ve Been Busy, OKAY!!!!

No updates on whether Anne the Agent is any closer to selling 
A FEARFUL THING, which might be
I need more stars, you lazy human turd!!!
why  I haven’t written much since…a while. I finished the final (for now) draft of A FEARFUL THING back in May 2013, planned Book Two over the summer (using Prezi), and took fall semester off to teach eight classes and gestate a fetus. While I’m still cooking this baby, I’m not nearly as tired as I was the first trimester. I’ve also cut my courses down from eight to six (which is still a lot), but I have a goal, y’all.

My goal is this: to finish a first draft of Book Two (approximately 100,000 words) by the time the baby comes, ETA—May 17, 2014. In order to reach this goal, I will need to clock 4,000 words a week. My Christmas break goal was to finish Section One of Book Two which should’ve been 20,000 words. I wrote 9,000. Actually, I wrote 9,000, had Paul make me a chart with 100 boxes so I could put a star sticker in a box when I hit 1,000 words, then promptly stopped writing to participate in Christmas festivities. 

He's looking for Die Hard 6. He'll find it, don't worry.

I will say this for any of you working on a sequel or thinking about working on a sequel—way easier the second time around. (Is this why we have so many Die Hard’s and Fast and Furious’s…Furious’…Furiouses?) This could be because I planned out this book in a more visual way using Prezi. This could be because I already have established characters and narrative goals that have carried over from A FEARFUL THING. Or maybe it’s because I already know I’m capable of writing a book, so the only thing standing in my way is all-consuming laziness instead of all-consuming laziness + extreme fear of failure. Also, sitting down and writing 1,000 words in one sitting is not terribly difficult, especially if you have an idea about where you’re going. I never had a daily or weekly word count goal with A FEARFUL THING. I was basically just wandering around the page trying to find my own butt when I was sitting on it the whole time. 

You have two optons: Watch or get punched in the face by me.
That being said, writing a book is never really effortless. I still have to re-find said butt, stick it in a chair, and tell it to stay put until I’ve got my word count. Watching Netflix, napping, or eating leftover Christmas candy is much more appealing. So, hopefully this post will be a little accountability declaration. I will get my 4,000 words a week. Yes, I’ll grow more and more tired the more mass I acquire. (I rhymed-ish!) Yes, the grading will be like laundry, a never-ending cycle. And yes, Parks and Recreation’s 100th episode airs tonight, so I should be watching the previous 99 episodes to really commit to the occasion. There will always be a reason not to write, not to create. The question is: Can I find my butt and plant it in my work chair for 4,000 words a week? And you know what, I think I can find my butt. I really do.
Found it!!!


  1. Get to it, girl. I wrote a musical over break, complete with song lyrics :)

    1. You're a force, Vivian. I'm convinced your body produces natural writing methamphetamines. I'm working on earning my tenth star now!